Gardening in place

Well, travel is out for a few months for us all. I’m blessed to spend my lockdown at our home in the British Virgin Islands.

I’m not one to sit, so I’ve been rebuilding my garden, a 15 by 62 foot patch next to the house. I actually started in December, rebuilt walls, dug up tree stumps and huge tree roots, a d sifted the rocks out of nearly every inch of the volcanic soil. I dug down at least 18 inches and more where there were obstacles like those roots or the concrete discards the builders left.

Pictures in the next post.

Today, I replanted my potatoes.

Potato towers are good to prevent digging, but  from what I’ve learned recently, they only really increase your crop if you can plant more plants that are also growing out the side. The limiting factor isn’t how much dirt you pile on top, it’s the amount of leaves you have.

I’ve learned the hard way that this article is right:

“If you grow a potato like this, when you dig it up, you are going to find a very long stem and a cluster of tubers at about the level that you planted the seed piece.”

My first crop of red potatoes this Spring only produced about 8 golf ball size potatoes and about the same number of 1 inch tubers. That’s fewer than I planted. They were all under or right at the level of my first topping up of soil and mulch. I wasted a lot of time and effort burying them over a foot deep.

We’ll see whether I learned the right lesson, sometime about the 4th of July.

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