India, Nepal, Bhutan trip canceled due to coronavirus

We booked a trip of a lifetime with Ambercrombie & Kent to travel with our friends to India, Nepal & Bhutan in April and May of this year.

We were supposed to return from Asia via a 3 week cruise around Japan, across the Pacific to Alaska, then disembark in Vancouver. Cunard canceled last month, and gave a full refund.

Today, we received an email from A&K, cancelling the trip. They aren’t offering any refund, only applying the balance (after probable airline cancellation fees for the flights they booked are deducted) to another trip or to “Keep your money in house to use on a future journey, traveling within 1 year of your original travel date.” (Emphasis mine)

So, no one eats in restaurants, stays in hotels, rides in vehicles or takes tours, but A&K “offers” to keep our money?

I expected some sort of fee, but not a complete loss.

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