I’m not much of a “foodie,” but I am lucky enough to travel – in France! – with friends who are. Inge has been traveling, researching, and experiencing fabulous food in France for over 50 years. She makes the reservations for us – some of them, like the dinner at Columbe D’Or, months in advance.

Here’s a few days of over-the-top cuisine.

The African Queen


Risotto with lobster. I don’t normally like my food to look like it’s still alive. But, once I removed the cutesy shell, the dish was delicious!

My husband had the daurade, or bream. Perfectly cooked and presented.

La Columbe D’Or

Saint-Paul de Vence

A view of Saint-Paul de Vence at night.

This hotel and restaurant is a destination all on its own. The food and service are fantastic, but the decor!!

During and after World War II, artists who visited the Cote d’Azur paid for meals or a hotel stay with their talents. On display in the dining rooms are pieces by Picasso, Matisse, Alexander (Sandy) and Louisa Calder, Leger, Miro and Chagall! Take a look at some of those pieces on different pages of the the website. If you plan to visit the area, call for lunch reservations (so you can see the art in daylight), and do it as far in advance as possible!

This was our 3rd visit, but the first time for dinner. We ate “early” – at 8:30 PM!

Chicken and morell mushrooms

Flaming souffle Grand Marnier!

Olive & Artichaut

Nice, Vielle Ville, France

Another place you will want to make the reservations weeks in advance. And (although I only took pictures of the “starters”), order the Madeleines for desert!

Focaccia buffala (mozzarella, ham, tomatoes, basil, roasted peppers) and the foie gras with fig confit (preserves).

Le Bistro Gormand

Nice, France

Beautiful presentation, very formal service (although some of the guests were very informally dressed). The menu is a bit hard to navigate, but the food was some of the best of all the restaurants we’ve visited this year. For those who indulge the House pink champagne is excellent!

The cod.

This was an incredible meal, the “Filet de boeuf” with pasta shells, stuffed with cheese, peppers, and vegetables. The tomato puree tasted like tomatoes picked and eaten in the garden.

I’m truly blessed to have friends who are so adventurous and knowledgeable! And very, very lucky to get to experience all of this.

Let me know if you you enjoy these pictures and descriptions!

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