Mechanics at sea

If you can call it “mechanics.” We’ve had interesting times, at least.  So far in the last week, the hinge on the anchor froze at an angle that didn’t allow us to stow the anchor (Julian took a hammer to it), a mooring ball pennant eyelet bit into our rope and refused to let go without some fancy maneuvering of the boat to stress the connection, the generator flipped a fuse, those ropes and brushes tried to swim away, and the anchor winch remote attempted to abandon ship.

The anchor on this power catamaran is electric, controlled by a remote on a coiled wire. During our bumpy ride over from Tortola on Sunday, it must have fallen from it’s holster and fallen down beside the anchor. Eventually, it wrapped around the ropes that form the halter for the anchor. We’ve been on a mooring ball ever since, so didn’t find the problem until we were ready to anchor at Long Bay off Virgin Gorda this morning. In order to get out of the 20 mph winds and have time to untangle the remote, we had to motor over to a private mooring ball in front of Nail Bay Resort. Once tied up to the ball, it was a pretty simple matter to jiggle the remote free. Luckily, it still worked. Larry said that’s because it’s designed to work in a marine environment — I still think it’s luck.

But finally, the winds have died down. The boat is now anchored off Long Bay Beach. While we’re spinning around a bit, it’s nothing compared to the swells on Thursday night and the very high winds last night in Leverick Bay.


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