A quick update in the middle of our month in a rented apartment in Nice, France.

Palais Marché, early

Watching the vendors set up for Monday marché (market) at the extension on the Place de Palais de Justice in Nice, France.

The much larger part of the vintage market is one block down and around the corner on the “Cours de Saleya.” 

Cours Saleya Monday Marché
Palais Marché, Setting up

We’ve visited Nice for several weeks each year for  the last 5 or 6 years. Even when COVID got in the way of our August, 2020 visit, we had two weeks in February, during Carnivale. This apartment next to the courthouse plaza marks the first time we rented a place without a sea view, but it’s a great place for people watching! Late at night, the area is full of young people who evidently don’t need to sleep. This was a quiet moment a few nights ago:

Rue de la Prefecture

This is the street directly in front of the apartment, tonight at 12:30 AM. There’s no live music tonight, a Monday, so it’s very quiet! Except for the hundreds of conversations all around.

Notice the wet pavement in the first photo? Every morning, the streets and plazas are washed down with a power washer just as the sun comes up:

The changing view from my balcony on the Place is almost as much fun as watching the boats anchor at home in Nail Bay (Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands)! 

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