Larry and I flew back to Texas from our home in the British Virgin Islands yesterday, with the usual (and obligatory) 3 leg trip. I want to commend @Delta for using the very comfortable A330-300!

A great surprise to find that our plane on the (nearly) 4 hour San Juan to Atlanta flight was the A330-300 with the reverse herringbone 1-2-1 configuration in First class. Lots of room, fully reclining seats and a huge video screen.

There were a couple of minor problems, though. That video screen has to be secured during takeoff and landing so you either can’t see it or have to bend way forward. And the audio jack, while conveniently at your shoulder (next to a universal electric outlet and the USB charging outlet), is two-pronged and there was no adapter available so could use my Bose noise-canceling earphones. (I asked.) The left connection gave me stereo sound, as expected.

Over all, a comfortable flight, with great flight attendants!

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