After a week of nice weather around Oxford and Bath in the UK, with only a couple of inconvenient showers and night-time cold, we dropped Inge and Rose off at Heathrow and were all set to head out on our 4 week trip on the Narrow Boat Morse.

The temperature immediately dropped 10 degrees and it started raining.

So, I experimented with biscuit recipes, cleaned every cabinet (okay, I’ll admit it: I was looking for something. I cleaned as I went) and washed clothes.

And I found out why there was suddenly air in the faucets: the fresh water pump has a leak. It squirts water from the main seal when it shuts off.
So, unless we can get a replacement pump on a Saturday, we’re stuck at the Marina until Monday and we may have to find a hotel.

But aren’t these flowers pretty? It’s day #9!

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