From our balcony at the Fairmont Nob Hill, San Francisco

We’re in San Francisco, beginning our 2 month around the world adventure!

Tomorrow, we embark on a 23 day cruise to Australia on Cunard’s Queen Victoria. This will be a trip of a lifetime for us. Our first to cross the equator and the International Dateline. We’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day and a birthday on the cruise and mark a milestone wedding anniversary afterwards.

Since Cunard has a very formal dress code after 5 PM, lots of dresses, ties, shirts, and shoes were necessary.

The plan is to ship some of those clothes and suitcases back to Texas after the cruise and to take a one month tour of Australia and New Zealand. We will return to the Islands slowly, with a three day stop in Dubai and four days in New York City. We’ll celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary in NYC!

Yesterday, we had to be at the San Antonio airport by 6:30 AM, for our 8 AM Delta flight. We wanted lots of time to check in our four suitcases.

We did most of our packing after watching the Superbowl and we didn’t sleep much in Sunday night. So…

You won’t believe how we spent our first night: we went to the “first dim sum house in the US,” climbed back up Nob Hill, and then slept the clock around!
Hang Ah
Hang Ah menu
Or… at least Larry slept all the way through. I did my usual: sleep 3 1/2 hours, read for 2 to 3 hours. Repeat.

We had breakfast by 8 AM this morning in the hotel, the iconic Fairmont. There’s a 2 hour time difference from Texas – 4 hours from Virgin Gorda. It felt like our usual late brunch, instead if an 8 AM breakfast.

Today we’re going exploring.

It turns out that this is the first day of the Chinese New Year: the Year of the Pig. There were firecrackers all night, at least till 1:30.

Happy New Year!

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