“Menu Mes Racines” at “La Côte d’Or” (at Relais Bernard Loiseau in Saulieu)

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I made it to the end of the 6 course, 3 hour “Menu Mes Racines” (“My Roots Menu) at “La Côte d’Or,” the Michelin 2 Star restaurant at Relais Bernard Loiseau in Saulieu, France. I followed my strategic plan: no wine, don’t fill up on bread, and don’t eat much of any of the individual courses.

(Sounds simple, right? Not if half a glass of wine makes me actually fall asleep at the table and a combination of my diabetes medicine and my love of bread usually makes me feel overly full halfway through the meal.)

Here’s my review of the fixed menu meal, with pictures.

First, there was a tiny stool for my purse.

Purse chair

The meal began with a selection of tiny hors d’oeuvre (I forgot to take a picture). Next, the amuse bouche, a paté in the style of the first chef at the restaurant, followed by a starter, grilled foie gras, with figs – fresh, candied and pureed.



Grilled foie gras, with figs

There was sea bass with fennel sauce, beef with hay sauce (yes, the hay was both cooked into the sauce and used to decorate the serving dish), and a cheese tray from which to select.

White fish with fennel

Beef with hay sauce
Cheeses, figs, bread (including a fig bread)

Last (but not, by any means, least), two desserts: a plum with mint, chocolates, (no picture), followed by sort of layered vanilla and coconut mousse, with a caramel sauce and edible gold (paper?) garnish.

2nd dessert

We asked for our coffee to be served at the same time as the dessert. Evidently, that’s not the way it’s normally done- it’s a later course all on its own. But, they made an exception for us.

During the meal, Madam Loiseau, the owner (and widow of Bernaud), stopped by each table in the room to talk about the food and the history of the restaurant. We complimented her on her facilities and the friendliness of her staff. I expressed my appreciation for the spa and gardens. In return, she explained that the odd spoons at each of the middle courses were provided in case we wanted to taste the sauces all by themselves.

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