We tied up the Morse at Cropredy Marinafor 2 nights and took advantage of the beautiful weather to catch a train to visit Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s hometown.

Prosecco all day!

Just like home! We passed this sign on Church Street, just after brunch at the White Swan Hotel.Sadly, we didn’t have time to stop. (And it was still before noon.)

The church where Shakespeare is buried

The Church of the Holy Trinity, with it’s beautiful stained glass and architecture, is where Shakespeare and his family are buried. I have a new goal: to be responsible for thousands of people to visit church and stand in front of the Cross, reading poetry, and following the life of Jesus in (stained glass) pictures.

Stained glass window donated by America
The ceiling of the church
Swans, rowing and my thrift shop hat.

The weather was perfect for visiting Texans, if a bit warm for locals. I forgot to bring a hat, so we stopped at the Heart Association thrift shop.

The park along the river and canal was full, even on a Tuesday noon in May. Rowing teams were out in force, among the swans. There were small row boats and deck chairs “to let.” Lots of sunbathers, children and couples.

Larry and I along the river
The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, where we saw a matinee of Romeo and Juliet

We took advantage of the opportunity to see a play, a modernized version of Romeo and Juliet. Mercutio was a “gentlewoman” in this version, and Juliet had a strong Scottish accent. All of the actors were excellent in their parts, especially the nurse. She just breathed the lines. If I were an actor, this is the part I would fight for.


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