British Virgin Islands review

Just found a wonderful site, Bareboaters BVI, covering the British Virgin Islands, aimed at “bareboaters.” There are excellent reviews of the beachesresorts,  and uninhabited islands and cays (pronounced “keys”) that add so much to the attraction of this popular sailing and tourist country.

A commercial site for a broker who connects renters and owners, the website is full of information and beautiful photos of the Islands. It explains  how to become one of the”bareboaters,” people who rent a monohull or catamaran, sailing vessel or powered, for a week or so and tour around, exploring local islands, snorkeling, diving and beaches. If you’re not captain material, it’s very easy and not unreasonable to hire a crewed boat, with a captain who can navigate the local waters and find the beaches and harbours that you want to experience. The crewed boats are often captain-owned and usually include a first mate – possibly the captain’s actual mate – who cooks!

Take a look at the website for a virtual vacation in the BVI. You might find your next actual vacation.

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