Not safer, just mad

You want to talk about “treated like . . .,” Mr. President?

I was just subjected to a full pat down at the San Juan Airport.

I generally try to consider the screening process as an attempt to find explosives and weapons. Sometimes I think it’s just make-work.
“Randomly” swabbed. Twice. Hands at first of line, feet at the end.

Passed through metal detector without setting off the actual metal detector. No problem with the x-ray of my bags.
“Randomizer” picked me, again. Second machine dinged on my shoes or feet. “Randomly.”

How reliable, what are the sensitivity and specificity of these screenings that would pick up me – dressed in a golf skort , a camisole, and a loose, semi sheer white shirt (see through enough that I won’t wear it without the

I talked to another TSA agent earlier today who noted how swamped they are this time of year. A little more wisdom in choice of and type of screening would cut the burden, don’t you think?

Upshot is that I don’t feel safer, at all.

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