Kids at La Vita   Of the human and goat kind.

As I wrote the other day, we’re renting a house that’s next door to the lot where we’re building a house on Virgin Gorda, in the British Virgin Islands. On the other side of us is a large home, a “villa,” owned by our current landlords. Since it’s a very nice house and one of the few 5 bedroom villas right on the beach, it rents for $12,000 to $18,000 a week. It’s very popular with groups of several couples and large families.

For the last few days, we’ve been exposed to the screeches of an otherwise beautiful little girl. Forget everything you might know about physics and  acoustics: the volume and duration of the high frequencies her tiny body produced seemed to defy the laws of the Universe. Somehow, her parents simply ignored both the wordless screams and the sometimes long and complicated questions. I’m glad I wasn’t on the plane with them yesterday!

This morning, I was sitting in the garden, enjoying the sounds of waves on the beach, when I noticed some movement next door. A group  of 7 or so goats were jumping on the rocks and stairs, even on the piles of boulders that have tumbled down the outcropping at the end of our beach. Mama and kids

I ran to get my camera/phone and came back to find the larger goats feasting on the shrubs and flowers in our neighbor’s garden, while these two kids were scampering up down and over the rocks and stairs. The mama goats bounded away around the corner, but their offspring and I inspected each other for a while.

In silence.

Edited 8:37 AM 7/28/14 to remove redundancy – BBN

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