imageThis is one of the temporary night clubs that sprang up for parties after we arrived. It’s on a deck that’s cantilevered over the water, underneath the Avenue de Princess Grace, just east of the Fairmont.

It appears that the plan was to have the seating spread out over a larger part of the deck. Unfortunately, the seas are a bit high and the water crashes up on the wall and back onto one section of the deck.

It’s 4AM and the music is blasting away just outside our bedroom. At least the music is good and doesn’t literally shake the walls and rattle the windows like the one that closed at 2AM. There’s evidently no noise ordinance in Monte Carlo.

The “Gumball 3000” road rally finished at the Fairmont today. All sorts of very interesting – and interestingly decorated – cars are parked here at the Hotel tonight after finishing 3000 miles and 13 countries, beginning in Copenhagen. Here’s the gang in front of the hotel an hour ago:20130525_023718

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