Monte Carlo Grand Prix: Closing the track

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Fugare 1 - circuit map & main street names

It’s early Thursday morning here in Monte Carlo, the first day of practice for the Grand Prix. The crews were up all night building viewing stands and lounges.

This morning, they began closing off the route for the race a little before 6 AM.  And they’ll open up the streets again tonight, after 7 PM.  Of course, the track must be pristine, so several street sweeper vehicles  have been going round and ’round all morning and some men were out to paint the border stripes clean red and white.

Painting border 20130523_061728

The race goes right through this City State, so traffic closes down during the day.  From our balcony, we have a great view of the hairpin curve, a bit in the middle and the entrance to the tunnel that runs under the Fairmont for part of the distance.

Tunnel entrance 20130523_061957

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