Uneven top stepWe’ve been building a pool in our backyard since the end of April. That’s right: April!

A work of art takes time, right?

The plan to replace a 40-year-old pool and its leaky plumbing has suffered delay after delay, beginning with a storm in June that washed away the sandbags forms for the concrete. Plumbers didn’t show, sub-contractors quit and needed replacing. Another sub-contractor turned out – at the last minute – not to be certified to install the plaster finish. Work even stopped for the builder’s long vacations.

We did add changes to the stone patio around the pool at the beginning and changed the design for the sides in July.

I’ve worried all along that a four-sided negative edge was too complicated. Sure enough, half of the top step of the pool is lower than all the rest. The easy flow of water at this point causes too much flow in the right water trough and decreases the amount that goes over the rest of the sides.

The builder argues that water does go over the 4 sides, even though it’s “not perfect.”

And then, there are the irregularly placed tile diamonds that mark the stairs . . . I admit to being obsessed with symmetry and those crooked tiles are my latest obsession.

Someday pool, at sunset.
Right trough, with too much water.
Diamond markers, out of line and crooked.
Left trough incomplete and with low flow compared with right.
Missing light fixture. It’s been sitting on the step, next to the pool, for a week.
Diamonds out of line. Several on the top step are a mess!

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